Cowboys Must Stay Away from Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson was released by the Minnesota Vikings on February 28th and that means he will be playing for a new team next season. Right off the bat, we are hearing rumors that Jerry Jones will be interested in signing Peterson. The possibility of a hall of fame running back playing behind that stout Cowboys offensive line is worth drooling over but it's definitely the wrong move to make. The Cowboys paid a hefty price when they drafted Ezekiel Elliott in the first round of the 2016 draft and he showed that he can produce for them. Although I don't believe Elliott is an elite level talent, his long term development is tied to playing time. If Peterson were added to the team then that would likely hinder his growth.

So where should Peterson go? There are two perfect landing spots that come to mind.

The Seattle Seahawks have a lot going for them. They have been legitimate contenders for a while now but they struggled to get consistent production out of the running back position after the departure of Marshawn Lynch. Thomas Rawls showed promise but he has a lot of learning to do and it might help to give him more time to grow before giving him full control of the backfield. The Seahawks also have an elite Quarterback in Russell Wilson that can really open things up for Peterson. If AP wants to win a title before he retires, then he should seriously consider the combination of an elite defense and the high powered offense of the Seattle Seahawks.

Another great landing spot for a shot at a Super Bowl is the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have made serious playoff runs in consecutive seasons and although their offense has been spectacular, the production out of the running back position has been poor. Peterson can potentially improve the team in that area and seriously get Green Bay out of their slump.