The Truth About Aaron Rodgers

Many have attempted to understand the Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers but they have surely failed. The accuracy of his throws along with his pocket awareness and ability to extend a play makes it unfair. Maybe Rodgers is bored of the NFL and he is deliberately sabotaging himself just to have a challenge. He let the Cowboys come back after the Packers put up a substantial lead in their playoff matchup, just to make things interesting. He even waited to until a 3rd and 20 to make the big play conversion before sealing the deal with 3 seconds left. Oh yeah they also had an extra timeout but Rodgers didn't really need that.

Recently I alluded at the idea that Rodgers may have struggled early this season because of his relationship with Olivia Munn (see here). My how fast things can change. The sky was falling in Green Bay and before we even realized it, we've completely forgotten about their struggles during the first half of the 2016 regular season. Yeah he probably isn't even human if you think about it. He doesn't follow all of the proper throwing mechanics, yet he is more accurate than any other QB in the league. Makes no sense right? Well that is, if you're human. Rodgers is a robot.