3 Defensive Streamers (Week 1)

Sometimes during your draft all of the top tier defenses are taken and usually way too early. It makes no sense to me why people reach for Seahawks, Broncos, and Panthers defenses when you can just stream defenses off the wire. Anyway here are my top 3 defensive streamers for week 1.

Eagles D/ST

The Philadelphia Eagles are home to the Cleveland Browns this week and I expect the defense to man handle RG3 and company. The Browns team as a whole looks awful and without many weapons around the offense I don't really see how the Browns can even put up two touchdowns during this game. Of course there is slight risk with this choice given that a rookie Quarterback is starting for Philly and rookies tend to make some bad mistakes and a costly one could definitely hurt you. However, I still believe that the ceiling for this pick is astonishingly high given the history of the Browns and bad play of RG3. Eagles are my go to pick for this week because the upside is just so enticing!

Titans D/ST

Titans are not the nicest defense on paper nor will they look very intimidating as you set them in your lineup but feel confident in using them anyway. The Titans will face the immensely conservative offense that is, the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings will be starting Shaun Hill at quarterback and although I don't expect him to pass much, I still believe the Titans will get a few sacks. Unfortunately because Hill will be limited to a low number of safe throws I don't see the Vikings turing the ball over much if at all. However, you can still feel good about the final score of this game which will be low enough for you to get by with them. The Titans serve as a defense with a high floor but low ceiling. If you just want to go with a safe pick for week 1 then stream the Titans.

49ers D/ST

Just writing this out feels so wrong but if you are extremely desperate you can go with the 49ers as a very sneaky play. San Francisco takes on the Rams in which looks to be the field goal competition of the year. Also throw in Case Keenum at Quarterback and we may even see a sack-forced fumble-touchdown on the same play... Probably not but this game will have some sacks and could easily go either way. I am not pushing this option too much but there is upside in this pick with an extremely low and terrifying floor. Now please excuse me because I really need to go wash my hands.


If you have any start/sit questions feel free to tweet me @TheRoastPot.