4 Defensive Streamers (Week 3)

Last week the defensive streamers turned out much better than week 1. Aside from the overrated Rex Ryan defense most of the picks were serviceable. This week should be even better given that we have a better sample size of what the 2016 NFL season will be.

Dolphins D/ST

The Dolphins defense gets the best matchup anyone can ask for. They will be playing against the worst team in the NFL that just lost their second string Quarter Back. It almost isn't fair to play this defense because the matchup couldn't be any easier. The Dolphins will also be playing at home and the rookie QB has absolutely no chance. RIP Cody Kessler.

Bucs D/ST

In week 2 the Rams showed us that they are going to continue rolling with Case Keenum at QB which means we have another great option to stream against. The Bucs are also playing at home and I'm kind of losing my shit at the possibilities. The Rams made the damn49er defense look good. Start the Bucs!

Cowboys D/ST

Cowboys at home versus Brian Hoyer. That is all.

Giants D/ST

My least favorite streaming option from this list are the Giants but they may prove to be serviceable. The defense looks much improved after 2 weeks and this week they will play at home versus a struggling Kirk Cousins. If you're desperate for a defense and the other options are gone you can get by with the Giants.