5 Defensive Streamers (Week 2)

Hopefully last week you weren't screwed over by the horrible Marcus Mariota like I was. It almost isn't fair that the Titans defense ended with 0 points because the offense gave up two defensive touchdowns. On the other hand if you played Eagles or 49ers then you probably felt pretty good. Anyway, onto week 2.

Ravens D/ST

I never like to use a defense on the road but this week I just cannot resist. I don’t believe there is really much to say about this matchup except that the Ravens are facing the Browns. RIP Cleveland.

Bills D/ST

A little weird to call the Bills defense a streamer but it’s very possible that they were dropped in a lot of leagues and they have a decent matchup at home vs the Jets and the terrible Ryan Fitzpatrick. There is also the revenge narrative that you can consider with Rex Ryan.

Lions D/ST

Vikings defense absolutely demolished the Titans last week, scoring two defensive touchdowns. I believe that the Titans will fall down early against the Lions offense and then the Titans will start playing catch up and it will only be a matter of time until Mariota does what he does best.

Bears D/ST

The main reason I like the Bears defense this week is because they are home to a rookie QB. Carson Wentz will be playing his first career road game on Monday night. Wentz played a decent game against the Browns defense but the matchup could not have been any easier for Wentz in week 1. The Bears defense is a safe option with a high floor and a high ceiling.

Chargers D/ST

The Chargers are home to one of the most turnover prone QBs in the NFL. Blake Bortles has thrown 36 interceptions in the 31 games so far in his short career. The Chargers defense is bad but Bortles is guaranteed to give up at least one turnover and multiple sacks which makes the Chargers defense a decent streaming option.