Week 2 Waiver Wire WR Pickups

This week the top priority pick up is Tevin Coleman. If you aren't able to pick up Coleman then your next pick should depend on your team situation. Consider which need is most important and spend your waiver pick to fill that need wisely. If your most important need is not at wide receiver but at running back then click here: Week 2 Waiver Wire RB Pickups.

Tyrell Williams

A lot of people believe that Travis Benjamin and Antonio Gates will be the primary beneficiaries to the loss of Keenan Allen but that just isn't the case. Travis Benjamin is simply a deep threat on the San Diego offense that cannot even give Philip Rivers enough time to to throw to a deep threat. Gates is also too old and slow to be much of a factor on the offense aside from a large check down target and redzone threat. On the other hand, Tyrell Williams is a fast WR like Benjamin but he is much more explosive and he stands 6′ 3″ which also makes him a great redzone target. Williams is by far the best receiver on this team and the number 1 WR pick up this week!

Victor Cruz

It's been a long time since we've seen the salsa dance but it looks like we may be seeing more of it this year. Victor Cruz may be the hot receiver that everyone is going after and although I don't believe he is a bad pick up, I don't believe he should be the first WR taken with your top priority pick and if you have a later priority then you may benefit from the hype that Cruz will generate on the Waiver Wire. Cruz has been a great receiver in the past and could be great again but his upside is limited as long as Odell Beckham is healthy.

Phillip Dorsett

Phillip Dorsett had a solid game against the Lions and he even got a big catch against the spectacular corner Darius Slay. Dorsett is an incredibly fast WR just like Hilton and in an Andrew Luck offense that should be throwing a lot, Dorsett proves to be a solid option to snag. He also shows tremendous upside should Hilton or Moncrief go down with injuries. If you can't get Tyrell Williams then I believe Dorsett is the next best option for you.

Corey Coleman

I believe that most people will be going after the wrong receiver on the Browns because Terrelle Pryor had 3 catches on 7 targets for 68 yards. The receiver that you should go for on this offense is Corey Coleman who had 2 catches on 5 targets for 69 yards in his debut as a rookie. Although Coleman did have fewer targets, he was much more efficient with those targets. Now it is very important to note that this is an extremely small sample size but one thing I know for certain is that Coleman is a better receiver than Pyror. Be sure not to bite the bait on Pryor like everyone else and take Coleman who is the clear number 1 receiver on a terrible team that will be throwing a lot. Grab Coleman and don't be afraid to use him because points in garbage time count too.

Jeremy Kerley

I don’t believe this wide receiver is much to be excited about. He isn’t a big target or a talented player in general but he is the slot receiver in a Chip Kelly offense that threw a lot against the Rams Monday night. He also seemed to be the number 1 option for Blaine Gabbert as he led the team with 11 targets! Kerley caught 7 of those 11 targets for 61 yards while Torrey Smith had 2 catches on 6 targets for a horrendous 13 yards. Kerley is an okay flex WR to pickup in PPR leagues only.