Niantic Doesn’t Give a Fuck About You

Yes the creators of Pokemon GO sadly do not care about you. I’m sorry to be the one to break this news if you still don't know but it is true. As everyone knows by now Pokemon GO is the big thing, or at least it was until Niantic fucked it all up. You should all have a basic understanding of how the game works but after that last update you're probably more confused than when you first downloaded the game.


Niantic released an update on August 1st that completely fuck their company. The update removed the footsteps displayed beneath the pokemon listed on the nearby tool that trainers used to find their new allies. Now I will admit, the nearby functionality was already broken so removing the footsteps altogether makes no difference but Niantic also shut down sites like Pokevision which were helping players find pokemon. A basic feature of the game that Niantic failed to provide to their fucking users!


So why shut down 3rd party sites that are making your job easier? Well for starters it was ruining the game. As an avid fan of the game myself I grew a little tired of seeing so many damn Dragonites every where. I’m sorry I am sure everyone would love to have one but it's the second strongest pokemon in the game and frankly not everyone should have one. Sorry people but life just isn’t fair sometimes. 


 So Niantic did the right thing by shutting down pokevision and similar sites. Whether you agree with me or not I’m sorry to tell you this but you can’t just see where a pokemon is from a few miles away then haul ass in your Honda Fit to go catch it, that’s bullshit.


In the last update Niantic also made catching pokemon ridiculously difficult. Before the update you were able to catch hoards of Pidgey without breaking a sweat. After this update I found myself fuming of rage seeing a cp 10 Pidgey break out of 2 pokeballs before running away. Many other users also noticed this change and even saw pokemon jumping around and attacking the pokeballs being thrown. Why would Niantic make this more difficult?


At first I wasn’t sure why they would make the change but I figured it out quickly. Not too long after the update I went on some pokestop runs near my house because I noticed I was running short on pokeballs. I found myself walking back home and before I even got to my apartment I was already out of fucking pokeballs trying to catch the stupid Pidgeys and Rattatatatats-fucks! The next morning I found a Charmander in my room and was forced to catch it with the few Ultra balls I had in my inventory. Niantic actually wants you to buy their stupid fucking pokeballs. Oh and by the way Charmander was 3rd on my nearby list and it was the only pokemon that spawned in my room. Niantic logic for the win.


The business geniuses, who probably have no fucking Public Relations department, also fucked up by not releasing any statements regarding the issues of the game. I have contacted Niantic via their support page over 5 times in regards to many issues I was having with their poorly built game and received no response. Many users, including myself, wasted money on this shit and our existence isn't even acknowledged!


A huge complaint about Niantic is the fact that they don’t communicate what they are doing or what their plans are. They leave their fans sitting blindly, confused, and irritated. Just a bunch of fucking rumors. They don’t even have a basic understanding of User Experience design. Nothing makes users hate you more than using your software and then feeling stupid for not understanding it. If you felt stupid after playing Pokemon GO just know that you aren't stupid, the creators are the dumbasses for designing a game that a majority of people don't understand. Which is exactly how all the players felt after they lost tracking and pokevision. All that’s left is a nearby list of pokemon that won't specify how “near,” is nearby.


As soon as players started uninstalling the game and asking for refunds Niantic was forced to make a statement. In other words, when Niantic noticed their incoming cash flow drop they had to say something. They announced that they are working on fixing the nearby tracking and that they have been so busy working with their heads up their asses that they couldn’t listen to the fans who are basically screaming how you can make the game better. This is what happens to companies that care about profit more than delivering a great product. This is what happens when companies don’t care enough about their customers to listen. When you actually listen to your customers and give them what they want, you gain valuable and loyal fans who will buy from you for a long time. Instead you had a huge game for less than a month before you made your customers hate you.


With all that being said, I knew the hype of this game would eventually die down but only a company as awful as Niantic could shoot themselves in the foot this badly and in such a short period of time. What a fucking joke.