Suicide Squad is a Netflix Worthy Film at Best

WARNING: Contains Spoilers!


I was not very impressed after watching the much anticipated movie for 2 main reasons. The first reason is that every movie has a critical moment where the protagonists evolve into someone new. The journey of the hero in a way, is all about reaching this critical moment and realizing who you are and what you must do which does not necessarily indicate that the protagonist becomes good or evil and sometimes this discovery is much more subtle than that. Suicide Squad completely fucked this moment up.


The members of the team had a mini bomb of some sort injected into their necks that can be detonated with the push of a button forcing them to work together and obey the ones who are controlling the detonator. The critical moment for this movie happened after Deadshot found the top secret files created for the mission they were forced upon. Being furious of his new discovery he opts out of continuing the mission and so does the rest of the team as soon as they find out what they are going up against, which was an all powerful witch committed to the destruction of the world.


The team no longer caring about the bombs being detonated anymore, follow Deadshot into a bar and start drinking and discussing their sob stories. Yes people it gets that cheesy and yes the cheese gets worse. SO much cheese Chester Cheetah would vomit.


After they finish sharing their sob stories the soldier in command (and in control of the detonator) walks into the bar and sits with them. He sympathizes with the group of psychopaths, thieves, and murderers before breaking the detonator, rendering the bombs useless. The soldier proceeds by telling them they are free to go and hands Deadshot letters that his beloved daughter had been writing him. Deadshot stunned with disbelief thanks him and assures him that he will stop the witch. The same Deadshot who promised that he would kill the soldier for threatening him earlier on during the movie. Doesn't really make much sense right? Seems like they were rushing the writers to finish the story.


Of course the rest of the team of lunatics follow along to save the day. So all it took to briefly turn these bad guys into good obedient soldiers were some sob stories and a determined Will Smith who wanted to make his daughter proud for once. Take that Psychology you don’t know shit!


The second and last reason why the movie was awful to me was how the witch was defeated. The witch had a plan for world domination and stood there concocting a magic spell that was building some type of machine or bomb in the sky while her brother fought with members of the suicide squad (and yes it does seem like Marvel and DC keep ripping each other off).


During the final battle the witch fought all members of the suicide squad together and after growing tired of it she decides to magically confiscate all of their weapons with the flick of her wrist. Immediately my first thought was why not do that in the first place? The witch lost her brother during this battle and she could have avoided that altogether but you know that would only make sense and why would anyone want that? Silly me.


After taking all of their weapons away she offers them mercy by allowing them to join her in world domination as long as they bow down to her. Harley Quinn decides to join her, steps forward, kneels down and says something along the lines of: "your offer sounds like a pretty good deal but you are messing with my FRIENDS!" She grabs the sword that was conveniently sitting at her feet and cuts the witches heart out in a second. Yes everyone Harley Quinn saves the day by saying the CHEESIEST line in Hollywood history.


Aside from how disappointed I was with the movie there were some good takeaways. I think the entire cast was completely useless aside from Will Smith who played Deadshot and Margot Robbie who played Harley Quinn. Smith and Robbie were phenomenal in their roles but Robbie easily stole the show as Harley Quinn. The sad truth is that Heath Ledger was the greatest joker we have ever seen and Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn at his side on screen would have been every comic nerds dream. Unfortunately the kid they played as the new Joker just couldn’t compare to Heath Ledger and it was a little disappointing.


AS for my rating I give the movie 5.8 out of 10 just because Robbie made for a great Harley Quinn and it was nice to see Smith play another badass after so long. Hit me up and let me know what you thought about the movie on Twitter @TheRoastPot.