5 Tight End Sleepers to Snag in Fantasy

If you're like me then you probably don't love the idea of drafting Gronk or Greg Olsen in the early rounds. When it comes to fantasy football the position you can wait on is the position that will win you a fantasy season. These are the players at tight end that you want to draft later on because of the great value they provide. 

Travis Kelce

This guy is 6′ 6″ and 260 pounds of beast. Kelce is fast and strong with soft hands and a tremendous route running ability. Last year Kelce finished 7th among tight ends in half point ppr leagues. If you don't want to pay top dollar for Gronk then draft Kelce who is currently being drafted in the 10th round of ESPN leagues.

Julius Thomas

It wasn't too long ago that Orange Julius was the man in Denver and the only player in fantasy who could come close to the production that Gronk provides. Now some argue that Peyton Manning takes average players and turns them into top notch receivers. This is not entirely true. Although Manning was able to make use of some awful receivers like Brandon Stokley and Jacob Tamme, the production he was able to get out of Wes Welker and Julius Thomas was far greater. Yes Manning makes his players better but the players must be good to begin with in order to reach the numbers that Welker and Thomas had in Denver. Don't expect Thomas to repeat those numbers with Blake Bortles but it is safe to assume he will be a solid option given the talent.

Eric Ebron

I'm sure by now you have started to realize that anything can happen once a season kicks off in fantasy football. Last year Ebron was trending up in terms of production and we really started to see the talent and the situation begin to shape out perfectly for him. But then he got hurt and the Lions offensive line was awful. By the time Ebron was back the coach was fired and all hell broke loose in Detroit. Mathew Stafford will be throwing a lot and Ebron is the biggest target on the field. Oh and lets not forget he was a first round draft pick for the Lions. In fantasy Ebron is drafted at the end of round 14. Huge upside at a cheap price!

Charles Clay

I'm not really sure how to describe Clay as a player. He is pretty much a wide receiver in the body of a tight end. When you watch this guy run he certainly doesn't look like a tight end with that incredible speed and agility. Surprisingly enough we've seen him utilized in Miami as strictly a blocker for most of his career. There were even plays where he was used as a fullback! That gives me confidence that he will always be on the field because of his versatility. Not to mention that last season with the Bills he seemed to always be open and Tyrod Taylor wasn't hesitant to throw it to him. This guy is a playmaker on the field and it shows on tape. Take this guy late and walk away with one of the biggest steals of the draft.

Clive Walford

This player is more of a hail mary attempt. Last year there was a lot of buzz coming out of Oakland about the athletic freak that he was. Unfortunately he couldn't get a lot of time on the field as the second man on the depth chart so we don't exactly know what he has to offer. However, the short amount of time that I did see him play it was impressive. Now coming into his second season I think we should definitely keep him on our radars.