Von Miller Wants to Play for the Warriors Too!

Hey Golden State, there’s another MVP in town who wants to play with the Warriors! Super Bowl MVP Von Miller tweeted this recently:

I imagine it is mostly a joke but the fact that he is still not under contract begs the question. Why not play in the NBA? Even though I can’t recall a time when an NFL player left the league to go play for the NBA it is technically possible.

There was some chatter during the NBA lockout a few years ago that LeBron James might go play in the NFL. I imagine that James and Miller are athletically gifted and capable enough to play either sport. Plus Miller sure as hell would make a lot more money in the NBA than in the NFL as we have seen with all of these ridiculously fat contracts being passed out like candy. Throw Miller in at Power Forward for any team and I am sure he will make a positive impact. Oh and lets not forget he will make a shit load of money that he wouldn’t even come close to making in the NFL. That is the reason he is holding out after all. He wants and deserves more money.

In all seriousness Miller is a football player and a damn good one at that. If the Broncos are ever done fucking around maybe we’ll see Miller play football this year or maybe he will play somewhere else but he will get his money one way or another.

Come on Denver the man won you the God damn Super Bowl, give him his fucking money and lets move on with our lives.