Lil B Gives Durant Blessing to Win Championships

A few years back Lil B, a terrible rapper, claimed to have cursed Kevin Durant from ever winning a championship for saying that Lil B’s music sucks. And trust me it really does but no one thought much of this until the Thunder kept losing. It started with social media trolls after the Thunder lost to the Heat in the NBA Finals but it was taken way too far! Lil B regularly made comments on Twitter about the Thunder every single time they were eliminated from the Playoffs. And to top it all off they usually lost in huge choke-fests that even Sasha Grey would find disturbing. Even when Kevin Durant had his terrible injury Lil B touted his curse for being the cause. Now Lil B has “lifted the curse,” from Durant because he joined his favorite team, the Warriors. Here is the actual tweet from Lil B:

Welcome home? In case you didn't know Durant was born in Washington D.C. and that is quite a drive away from Golden State. 

So what does this actually mean? Well it definitely doesn’t mean that Durant will win a championship thanks to some Twitter famous moron. Although Durant never apologized for saying Lil B made shitty music, he will likely win a championship and the social media world will thank Lil B for the blessing. God I hate social media.