Damn Warriors, You Scary

Up 3-1. A home game left.  An impenetrable pair of bigs saddled with that swashbuckling fucking ball of nuclear energy that is Westbrook. A seemingly struggling Cavs team was the only theoretical obstacle to Durant’s first title. A validation for the generational type talent that is the 6′ 10″ small forward. Alas Kevin Durant and his finessed sprawling brand of basketball were mere days away from watching the NBA Finals on the couch.

Choke Job. Loser. Hot takes erupt all over the collective NBA world. Durant goes back home. Comes back with a dynamic OKC team next year. Try it again.

It’s the pull yourself up by your own bootstraps philosophy we as Americans have full on excruciatingly painful hard ons for. Durant just rejected your notion.

With Durant essentially supplanting Harrison Barnes’ role on the Warriors squad they have in effect become the singularly most talented team in NBA history and barring injury will win the NBA title. Only Kevin Durant will truly know his motivations and thus only he can understand them. Expect to see old white guys, upset with the amount of power that individual players wield over the NBA, spout their bullshit about Durant taking the easy way out. Frankly I give two shits.

The Thunder will go back to being a decent yet insignificant team. In its wake we as NBA fans get to see Greatness on a scale no fan has ever seen. Enjoy this shit.