Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings are a Waste of Time

I love football just as much as the next bro and I love fantasy football even more but why is the fantasy community talking about rankings right now? It’s fucking July! Has training camp even started yet? Do we even know what players are going to start? Even worse do we even know who is going to be healthy by the time the season kicks off? Last year, the “fantasy gurus,” told everyone to draft Melvin Gordon in the 2nd round prior to actually playing a single down in the NFL. Then Gordon got hurt in camp and just sucked ass on the field because he lacks the skill it takes to play in this league. After preseason his ranking dropped far lower to about the 3rd or 4th round but as I did my fantasy drafts I still noticed people drafting this guy in the 2nd round. If you drafted Gordon in the 2nd or 3rd round in fantasy last year then I really hope you lucked out by picking up Devonta Freeman or you were screwed by the so called experts, which I am betting you were.


Overreaction Monday is annoying enough during the regular season please don’t talk about the next breakout candidate running back from the God damn Cleveland Browns because frankly I can’t go 3 fucking years in a row with Ben Tate, Isaiah Crowell, and Duke Johnson on my squad. Want to talk about doing irresponsible things? Use your roster space to secure the Browns backfield and wait all year for the organization to figure out which player they want to commit to every week. Fuck you Mike Pettine. And yeah I know some of you probably did well enough with Crowell and Duke in DFS last year but in season long having those 2 running backs and trying to decide which one would play better with a mildly hung-over Johnny Manziel is harder than trying to remove a splinter while sitting in the fucking dark!


            Of course we don’t want to forget the hardcore fantasy players who play in dynasty leagues that claim they need the rankings as a reference tool. But the rankings will only make your dynasty league more difficult to win. Trust me you don’t need rankings to decide whether you should trade Matt Forte for Ezekiel Elliott. And to those guys that play in single season fantasy leagues, do yourself a huge favor and wait till week 3 of the preseason is over so you can use more accurate rankings.


            For the most part fantasy rankers are just doing their jobs and trying to make ends meet to provide for their families (or to buy their next meal at Subway). Whatever the case may be, don’t waste your time reading that garbage because once preseason starts up and we get a real idea of who is fantasy relevant all of your fantasy rankings get crumpled up and tossed into the waste basket under your desk along with last years PRE-preseason rankings.