Le'Veon Bell & Mary Jane

In this corner we have all pro Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell! In that corner we have… Marijuana! *crowd erupts*. Yes Bell has been suspended 4 games for missing mandatory drug tests. Apparently he missed more than one and no he did not technically fail it, but missing them doesn’t imply that you are very clean. This makes the second season in a row where the Steelers are missing their stud running back before kickoff. Ouch.

Last year Bell had appealed his suspension for DUI and possession of marijuana. Fortunately for him, he was able to reduce his 3 game suspension to 2. And yes he was busted in the car with LeGarrette Blount. Momma said not to hang around with kids who are trouble and you should be ashamed of yourself for hanging around someone named Blount. This year Bell plans to appeal again and he vows that he will not miss a single game. Sounds legit bro. The NFL doesn’t fuck around. Just ask Tom Brady and his closet full of deflated footballs. Take your 4 game suspension like a big boy and understand that Roger Goodell ALWAYS wins. Here is a picture of Goodell in case you forgot who will win.

Never forget who will win!

In all seriousness I love the talent that Bell has but he put himself on the watch list for his past incident last year and it would be smart of him to be a little more cautious and NOT miss/fail anymore drug tests. I will never understand why NFL players have issues with drug tests. I suppose the culture is just so different in the NFL than the NBA. Maybe it’s because the NBA pays their players with more guaranteed money. At the end of the day the fans who love watching these players are the ones who are losing out. If an athlete has a chance to make millions playing sports but lose that opportunity for something as trivial as getting high, then frankly no one should give a fuck about you or your money.