Von Miller Highest Paid Defensive Player in History

Yes Von Miller the Super Bowl MVP holding out finally paid off AND it was on the last day of the Franchise Tag Deadline. The Denver Broncos knew coming into the offseason that they would have to make drastic moves to retain Miller after his stellar Super Bowl performance. Yes I am certain that Supa Cam Newton is still having nightmares about this guy.

But why did it take so long to get Miller the deal? This guy won them the fucking Super Bowl. Isn’t that the point of a football season? Win it all and go home as champs right? Well I guess Miller already won it for them so maybe they weren’t so enthused about paying him so much money right away. Makes sense I suppose. In life you don’t get what you deserve but what you negotiate for so both sides were trying to get the best deal possible.

Regardless Miller got his money and he did the right thing by refusing to sign the tag. Miller’s new deal includes a 6 year $114.5 million dollars. Holy fuck that means Miller is the highest paid defensive player in NFL history! He is guaranteed 70 million! To say that Miller has a weird sense of fashion would be an understatement. This guy dresses like the biggest goob. Thank God he plays football for a living and doesn't design clothing because I am sure that this will be the next outfit he wears:

Truthfully, I am just glad that all of this is finally over. Miller is an amazing talent and I really hate when teams and players drag on their contract negotiations to the last minute. Last year the Broncos did the same thing with Demaryius Thomas. I mean come on the players are the ones making you all of that damn money and getting wins for your team. Just pay them the money they deserve or someone else will.