Eric Berry the Comeback Player of a Lifetime

Eric Berry is not a normal human being. In November of the 2014 NFL season Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer. Some feared that he may lose his life but most assumed that he certainly would never play football again. His doctors sure as hell said he would never play football again. Berry simply said “I’ll be back.”


That November he left the football season early to begin undergoing treatment. During his chemotherapy sessions Berry continued to work out and stay in top condition! Yes this “human being” was able to lift heavy ass weights and work on his cardio while going through chemo-fucking-therapy! His doctors couldn’t believe it and were completely astonished to see that type of perseverance.


No one had any pressure on him. No one expected him to continue working out while fighting cancer. And no one was expecting Berry to even come back and play football again. People just wanted him to be alive and healthy. But that wasn’t enough for Berry. He beat cancer in just 9 months! And he was back on the team shortly after!

Not only did Berry come back to play football again, which many said was not possible, he regained his starting position and made the Probowl his first season back. He was awarded Comeback player of the year but I can’t think of any player coming back from anything like this before. Truly remarkable.


Eric Berry is not human. He’s a fucking beast!