San Diego Does NOT Deserve the Chargers

The move to Los Angeles is Inevitable

Sorry Charger fans. It's time to move on. You don't deserve a team anymore. It's bad enough you can't sell out your own games. It's even worse that the home games feel like road games. Literally. The stadium is full of fans of the traveling football team.

Then this disgusting video goes viral?


This is gross and explicit content.

This may be the most memorable moment of the 2016 season for the Chargers and that's just sad. Dean Spanos doesn't deserve to be an owner and the Chargers don't deserve to be a football team. The people of San Diego have lost their football team and will never have another. The Chargers don't deserve Phillip Rivers. They don't deserve Joey Bosa. They don't deserve Jason Verrett. What a waste of talent. Those players will never reach their full potential on this sorry ass team. Thank God Eric Weddle got out of there with a few years of his career left.


Fuck the Chargers.