Dez Bryant Buries Tony Romo Further Down the QB Depth Chart

Tony Romo Can't Catch a Break

In a world full of football teams with shitty Quarterbacks, there is one team that takes them for granted. The fuckin' Dallas Cowboys. The team already clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs and have nothing left to play for. Yet, they still refuse to play Romo. Why? What did the good man do to deserve this disrespect? The man carried the team on his back until he broke it. TWICE!

Did Dez catch it? Nope. He threw it.

In a meaningless game, Dallas ran a play for Dez Bryant to throw his first career touchdown pass to Jason Witten. Dez now has more passing attempts in the 2016 season than Romo. Yes I know it's just one more pass, fuck you smartass. The disrespect the Cowboys have shown Romo is mind blowing and foolish. The Cowboys have already announced that Mark Sanchez will get reps behind Dak Prescott in week 17. Why? Why the fuck would you give Sanchez reps? Romo is the one who will win you a Super Bowl if Dak gets hurt. He's the one who needs the reps!


So Dak is the starter. Dez gets a passing touchdown in 2016. Sanchez gets reps at QB in week 17.... and Romo gets no love. I'm done.