5 Defensive Streamers (Week 16)

Chargers D/ST

San Diego defense has surprisingly been useable and they will face the Browns this week. Start 'em.

Packers D/ST

The Green Bay defense isn't great but that's okay because the Vikings are awful. They made the fucking Colts defense look good! If the Colts can finish with 17 fantasy points against Minnesota then don't be afraid of using the Packers in your championship game.

Giants D/ST

The Eagles have been bad lately and it definitely seems like we've reached that time of year when the sky is falling in Philadelphia. The Giants defense is legit and they proved it after they beat Dallas for the second time.

Rams D/ST

The 49ers will visit the Rams this week. They're going to have a nice little tea party with imported cookies. They're going to discuss life, love, and happiness. Wait wut.... Yeah this is going to be a snooze fest and there won't be much scoring so they're a safe play.

Titans D/ST

They play against the Jaguars.