3 Quarterback Streamers (Week 14)

Joe Flacco

Yes I am chasing points. He had a monster game last week and the Ravens are on top of the division. They're also facing an average Patriots defense on Monday night. Baltimore is currently sitting on top of their division and they need to keep it that way. The Patriots are also looking to secure the number 1 overall seed in the AFC with a win. This will be a great game and the Ravens have to open up the playbook if they're going to keep up with New England.

Colin Kaepernick

Weather kills. It really does. Last week Kaepernick only attempted 5 passes in that terrible snow. This week he will be back at home in sunny California. Okay maybe not so sunny, but it definitely won't be snowing. He's been matchup proof for most weeks and was possibly dropped in your league. If you need a QB to stream then go with Kaep.

Trevor Siemian

If you are truly desperate or play in a league with QB hoarders, then roll the dice on Siemian. The Titans have an awful secondary that Matt Barkley was able to dominate and the Broncos have far better weapons. This is by far my least favorite play and I would only recommend it if you have no other options.