Time to Take Out the Trash (Week 11)

Our fantasy teams are just like our homes. You eventually have to take out the garbage and we shouldn't wait until our wives yell at us about it.

Lamar Miller

It's just not happening for the newly signed Houston Texan and you need to move him. The touchdowns haven't been there. The receptions aren't there. He's getting decent yards but that's not what you are expecting out of a late first round pick. If there's someone in your league who wants to buy based off name value alone then get rid of him now because this offense will not turn it around as long as Brock Osweiller is at Quarterback.

Cameron Meredith

This one hurts for me to say because I actually love the talent this player has but it's time to move him. He posted 50 yards and a touchdown on one catch. One deep Hail Mary throw that was tipped into his hands. Jay Cutler went to Tampa and took a fat shit all over the field. It was one of the worst Quarterback performances I have ever seen and I am still tilting two days later. Cutler is terrible and even if Meredith is the number 1 receiver with Alshon Jeffery suspended... you can't trust him. Play it safe and stay away from this awful situation. 

Terrance West

This player is straight trash. His former teammates on the Browns nicknamed him East-West because he did nothing but run horizontally. The Ravens are integrating Kenneth Dixon into the offense more and more each week and West is a sell candidate now. Sell for whatever you can get before his value is completely gone.

Devonta Freeman

I've never been a fan of this player and a lot of you are aware of that. It's also pretty obvious to everyone that Tevin Coleman is the better running back and he's been cutting into the production of Freeman. Coleman missed a few games due to injury and Freeman did nothing with the extra opportunities. Things won't get much better with Coleman likely to return after the bye. Get rid of Freeman now because it's very possible that we'll see Coleman take over.

Devontae Booker

This guy was one of my sleepers during the preseason and he came alive for many of us who were patient enough to stash him. Sadly, it's time to move on. Like a bad relationship that just has to end, we too must end our affair with the rookie. Booker posted 76 yards on 24 carries against the Saints! A game where we were expecting huge production against one of the worst defenses in football. The Broncos offense is a huge disappointment and it is mostly due to Trevor Siemian and his terrible play. The Quarterback situation may not get better and Kapri Bibbs is not going away so it's time to play it safe and dump him for someone else to deal with.