Taking Candy from Grown Ass Men (Week 11)

This is pretty much my list of buy low players. So yeah...

Doug Martin

Muscle Hamster is back and healthy but his owners may have grown tired of him. He's a great talent and he should get a lot of work as he gets back into football form. Buy him now because his schedule is worth drooling over.

Michael Floyd

iuhawep0fjhqeoihrwpjfkznosdqrKJDCNA 93HOI3UNf..... That was me smashing my head into the keyboard. I drafted Floyd in a lot of leagues and dropped him after hearing that JJ Nelson was going to be the starter. Of course, Floyd comes out of the bye and catches 5 balls for 101 yards which means we should never listen to Bruce Arians again. He is one of the most frustrating players in fantasy but that type of performance is what we were expecting to see this season so it's worth a shot trying to buy. Just don't pay too much.

Brandon Marshall

We all know this guy is a great receiver with inconsistent hands. We also know his Quarterback is absolute shit but can it really get any worse? Marshall is an elite talent that is aging. He was terrible value in the 2nd round of fantasy drafts but you should buy low on him. Marshall turned out to be a bust based on average draft position but that doesn't mean he can't be a league winner for your team. Marshall can potentially become your flex if you trade for him right now! That's essentially where you'd love to have a player with huge upside like that.

Tevin Coleman

The Falcons are on bye and the owner of Coleman may be tired of waiting for his return. Devonta Freeman had the job to himself for a good stretch and did very little with it. Atlanta is expecting to get their stud back after the bye and he's going to dominate. Buy low on the best Falcon running back that is playing in one of the top offenses in the NFL this season.