Is Brandin Cooks Even Good?

Brandin Cooks complained about receiving 0 targets in week 12 and wants to be more "involved" in the offense.

Here are the POSSIBLE reasons why Cooks was left out:

  • Michael Thomas is the number 1 receiver now.
  • His chemistry with Drew Brees is gone.
  • Michael Thomas uses the locker right next to Brees, therefore they have better rapport.
  • He isn't actually good at football.
  • They wanted to get the Tight Ends going.
  • Tim Hightower was the focus of the gameplan that week.
  • Cooks fucked Mrs. Brees and Drew found out about it.


In all seriousness, they're both great Wide Receivers. Just look at their PlayerProfilers (click for Cooks and/or Thomas). The Rams double covered Cooks for a majority of the game and Thomas took advantage of that. That happens with Wide Receivers sometimes and it's happened with Julio Jones in the past. It's also happened with Allen Robinson and Dez Bryant so everyone just please calm the fuck down. Cooks is fine.