5 Defensive Streamers (Week 11)

We got a lot of variety with the streamers this week. Couple high upside plays. Couple high floor plays. One high variance play.

Giants D/ST

In week 10 we were reminded that Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler. A terrible Bucs defense managed to get 25 fantasy points against them! 25!! The Giants will host this team and they'll be playing without Alshon Jeffery! I can't stop drooling over the possibilities. The Giants are the top defensive play of the week.

Lions D/ST

Another matchup against a shitty Quarterback means we have a great streaming option. Blake Bortles is bad. He's really bad. I don't even know how you can be this bad. The Jaguar running backs are fumbling. The receivers are dropping passes. Bortles is being Bortles. Lions are at home and coming off a bye. Their players are well rested and healthy. They are on top of the division and they're going to dominate this game. I love the Lions this week.

Cowboys D/ST

Dallas will be hosting the Ravens in week 11 and Joe Flacco is nothing to be afraid of. The Ravens have struggled offensively all season and this one serves as a high floor play given that Flacco can't put up points. The Browns ended with 4 fantasy points against them so if you can't get one of the elite options this week then you can roll with the Cowboys.

Raiders D/ST

Another matchup against a QB that has been shitting himself all year. I think you guys get the idea by now. Brock Osweiller is terrible. The Raiders should be able to gain a lead on Monday night and then we wait for Khalil Mack and company to rack up sacks and possibly a turnover or two.

Dolphins D/ST

This week Miami will play in Los Angels against a rookie Quarterback that wasn't ready to beat out Case Keenum for the starting job. Although I don't believe that Jared Goff can be any worse than Keenum, the Rams will likely simplify the gameplan and minimize his mistakes. The Dolphins are a high floor play with little upside unless Jeff Fisher decides to take more shots downfield...

that won't happen.